How Old Do You Have to Be to Apply HCG Drops Diet

The easiest approach to introduce and learn the HCG drop diet plan is by explaining the 4 phases of HCG. Even though the creator (Dr. Simeons) of the HCG diet & author of` pounds and inches’ did not use the 4 phases to clarify his protocol, most people have found-it easier and beneficial to understand that way.

Here is a brief overview of HCG diet phases & how HCG diet drops fit into-the plan.

HCG Phase 1

The first phase of the drop diet plan requires dieters to consume as-much-as they want (especially foods that are rich in fat). The intention is to generate a stock up of fat that would help fight headaches or hunger pangs that may develop-after going through the low calorie phase.

This happens to be the time for weight watchers or dieters to start injecting HCG hormones drop into their body.

It normally takes 2 days for the hormones to be immersed into the system.

HCG Phase 2

This is the phase where weight loss occur. It was originally-designed to last either twenty six or forty three days, but other types of HCG drops can allow you to stretch-it from fifteen to forty five days.
This phase has 3 parts;

1. Loading phase 

The first 3 days of phase two are sometimes called bingeing or gorging days because you `load’ on high fat foods to refill your healthy fat reserve and make the first two weeks easier. You start taking the HCG diet drops on the first day, and it lasts 2 days.

2. Core phase

The core phase is the major part of phase two, usually lasting 21 – 38 days. You eat a special 500 calorie diet and continue taking HCG drops. The drops helps ensure that your weight-loss comes from abnormal fat deposits & helps you feel more comfortable on your diet.

3. Taper phase

During the last 3 days of phase 2, you’ll continue the 500 calorie diet but stop-taking HCG drops (this gives them enough time to work-their-way out of your body before you move to the next phase).

HCG Phase 3

Many people call this phase the Stabilization phase, since the aim of these 3 weeks (21 days) is to help stabilize your new weight. At this point you can stop taking your hormone drops, and you can as well consume anything except sugar and starch.

HCG phase 4

HCG phase 4 is also referred to as the maintenance phase. Your weight at this point has stabilized and you no-longer-have any dieting limitations. You do not require the drops anymore.

You are just maintaining what you have already done. After 3 weeks you can begin another round-of-the HCG drops diet.

If you’ve a lot of body weight to lose, you may need to-go-through the HCG drops diet plan multiple times. Every time you do a drop it’s called a `round’ or a `course.’ Some people happen to use an interesting short-hand to explain the level they are in. Some examples:

#R1P2D3 = Round one, Phase two, Day three (the 1st day of the core phase above)

#R2P3D15 = Round two, Phase three, Day twelve (the 15th day of the stabilization phase)

How Old Do You Have to Be?

The HCG drop diet plan works for almost-everyone, young, old female or male.

You can use the drop plan if your BMI-body mass index isn’t lower than twenty.