Can HCG Diet Be Dangerous?

So you decide to implement a diet program, and have been looking for a good measure to lose weight, when you came across the concept of HCG diet.

Contrary to what you think, this is not just another fad diet. With fad diets, you start enthusiastically, but soon you lose steam and give it up, as it is either too hard to control the hunger pangs or you do not get to see the results.

The hcg diet, on the other hand, claims to make success of such failed diets. The hcg diet has become immensely popular because it does help you lose body weight in a quick and effective manner.

Here you take the hcg drops or injections and follow a low calorie diet with it. And soon enough, you start losing weight. But many are skeptical about how safe this particular diet form really is.

So, before you set out for the hcg diet buy, it would be helpful to go through the matter and ensure that you are convinced about the safety quotient of this particular diet form.

What possible side effects can HCG diet has?

Now, in the HCG diet, you have to administer the hcg liquid into your body – be it in drops form or as injections. This is what makes people wonder about its safety, as most are not too keen to administer something chemical in their body. They automatically expect some sort of side effect. So, in order to calm your mind regarding hcg, you have to know where is comes from. Hcg is the short form for human chorionic gonadotrophin.

This is basically a hormone that is naturally found in the human body. The hcg drops that are used for the weight loss purpose are synthesized from these very hormones and made into a powdered form. Once this powder is mixed with sterile water, it forms the hcg liquid. In injections, the pure hcg liquid is used. And in drops, the liquid is a bit more diluted to keep it safe. So, you can see, the origins of this particular weight loss solution are natural and hence it is quite safe.

Why it is believed that there will be side effects in hcg diet?

Before you go ahead with the HCG diet, you have to realize that just taking the drops or injections alone will not bring about the weight loss you are looking for. The main focus behind following the HCG diet is to cut down the calories in one’s body as quickly as possible. Hence, they need to be accompanied by a low calorie diet. The range of calorie intake usually is below 500 to a maximum of 800 calories.

Now, an average person should take 2000 calories per day. In place of that if the person is opting for a 500 calorie diet, then it is clearly a little extreme. Due to such extreme calorie counts, many are often vehemently opposed to the hcg method of weight loss. They regard it highly harmful for your body as it strips your body off of most of its necessary nutrients.

When Can HCG Diet be Unsafe?

There are a lot of criticisms, but hcg diets have remained quite a safe option – provided the person follows the prescribed guidelines. To start with, when it comes to HCG diet, it is recommended that the purchase of the HCG injection or drop be made from a credible website.

And the nutritional deficiency side effect can be avoided by not going on with the diet beyond the prescribed time limit of 30-40 days. By following this you can avoid any side effect.