Foods to Avoid During HCG Diet Phase 3

Phase 3 of the HCG diet is the most important phase of all the three phases. This phase is also called the stabilization phase as it is when you stabilize your metabolism thereby maintaining the results you have achieved during the last two phases after following the HCG diet protocol.

However it is very easy to make mistakes during this HCG Diet phase as you may be tempted to go back to your old unhealthy eating habits.

This phase requires that you be careful and selective on what to eat as the diet was not only used to reduce weight over a few weeks but to establish a healthy eating behavior.

This phase generally requires one to avoid taking sugars and starch immediately after phase 2.

The following are some of the foods that you should avoid during the HCG Diet phase 3.

Avoid Fruits with High Glycemic Index

Fruits should be very much avoided during this phase especially those with a glycemic index of 50 and above. This fruits contain high sugar levels and when eaten so much they can cause insulin spikes as well as affecting the metabolism.

Examples of the fruits to avoid include bananas, dates, watermelons, raisins, prunes, tangerines, avocadoes, pomegranate and mangoes. However there are some fruits with low glycemic index which can be eaten in small quantities during this phase example blueberries, papaya and apples.

Avoid Grains

During this phase grains of all kinds should be avoided. This means that whole grain, any type of cereal, corn products, white flour, brown rice and white breads should not be included in your diet.

Also snacks made with grains and desserts made with flour should be avoided. Grains should only be added into your diet gradually after phase 3 is over, however you should only take grains with low glycemic index example brown rice.

Limit Protein Intake

Some products example margarine should be avoided as they have high levels of proteins which may lead to metabolic problems.

Legumes such as fava beans, peas and all kinds of nuts should be avoided since they have proteins and also high levels of carbohydrates. Intake of dairy products should also be avoided.
Avoid vegetables with high starch content.

As far as the vegetables are essential in maintaining our health some of them contain high levels of starch and when consumed they interfere with the HCG Diet phase 3 of stabilization.

Vegetables such as carrots, leeks, parsnips, plantains, jicama, winter squashes and beets should be avoided. Starchy foods like the potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes should be avoided for effective completion of phase 3 of HCG Diet.
Foods To Avoid During HCG DIET Phase 3

Avoid Sugar

During this crucial phase it’s important to keep off eating any sugar or sugary products such as white and brown sugar, agave syrup, maple sugar, honey or high fructose corn syrup.

Taking a lot of sugar may affect the performance of the body as insulin spikes will always trigger the body to store the excess calories that were not burned as fat. A high level of sugar also triggers you to feel more hunger and fatigue.