Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Should I Vary My HCG Dosage According To How Much I Weigh?

No. That is utter and complete nonsense. The only person who’s making this claim is also selling more HCG to the unwary when they botch a round following her unproven and untested advice

FAQ: Can I Exercise While On HCG?

Yes you should, because exercise is key to any healthy lifestyle. And, do so moderately while you’re in Phase 2 and the first part of Phase 3.

FAQ: Is There A Waiting Period Before I Go On Another Round?

Yes. Six weeks in between each round. It’s mandatory.

You’re probably asking because there is a dangerous and unproven tactic desperate HCG’ers have been doing called cycling, and that is why some think they don’t have to wait the mandatory six weeks between rounds.

You’ll not only lose less, you’ll also be wasting your HCG.

FAQ: Can I Have Coconut Oil During Phase 2? I Have Read Yes On Some Sites But Others Say You Can’t.

I understand your confusion. In my experience whether we recommend it or not depends on how well someone is doing on their HCG Journey up to that point. It does depend on several key factors.

The greatest threat to everyone’s HCG Journey is paying attention to untested advice on common HCG hangouts — Facebook Groups, YouTube, backwater “forums” and the list goes on. Stick to those with a proven track record and ignore the rest.

FAQ: I Heard HCG Makes Your Hair Fall Out. Is That True?

The actual reason for hair loss has absolutely nothing to do with the HCG hormone or diet or protocol. Under the right conditions, hair loss in women over the age of 35 is common, whether they’re on a diet or not.

So the question is: Why do women over the age of 35 women commonly experience hair loss?

Short Answer: It’s a combination of 4 things: low stomach acid, low DHEA, low sex hormones and a weak thyroid. For much longer, more complete answer see Suzanne Somers book Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness, pages 30+.

FAQ: This Will Be The 4th Time I Am Doing The Diet. I Lost 83 Pound In The First 3 Rounds But Gained Back 60 Of It Back. What Am I Doing Wrong?!

Looks like you don’t have a good system for transitioning from P2 to P3 to P4 because whatever you’re doing and however you’re doing it, you’ve been unable to keep the weight off once you’re off the HCG protocol.

Sadly, it is a common problem with the do-it-your-selfers online and those following a random HCG advice.

Constantly losing and regaining the same weight over and over again is incredibly hard on the body, as any doctor will tell you. We have great tips on this website for fixing that problem, and that appears to be the missing piece to whatever way you’re doing the HCG Diet.

FAQ: Can Vegetarians Do This Diet? What is the best protein substitute source? Thank you.

The short answer is yes. Vegetarians can be successful on the HCG Diet. However, as a general rule, they lose less fat and inches per round than their meat-eating peers. Sorry.