HCG and Detox

HCG works for Detox since it is able to attack the excess type of fat which does not serve any nutritive role in our body. It has the ability to get the fat that is hard to lose. In fact, it works with no excessive exercise.

It is not advisable to commence a new heavy exercise until the program is completed. Walking is always recommended.

Should You Do a Body Cleanse?

Several forms of HCG are available including homeopathic drops, pellets, and injections. For better results from HCG diet drops, some people recommend a body cleanse or detox.

The idea began when Kevin Trudeau introduced phase 1 to the original HCG diet.

However, it was never recommended by Dr.Simeons though some feel that a detox or body cleanse can help.

Why Would a Body Cleanse Improve Your Weight Loss?

Fat cells enclose and `hide’ supposedly harmful toxins from your body. Nutritionists do theorize that if your body has too many toxins, it is encouraged to retain fat.

In addition, flushing these toxins from your body, you will encourage it to burn fat. Detoxing or cleansing also increases the body’s immune system function including energy and alertness.

“Woman holds Green Fruit Smoothie Waist Level Showing Healthy Slender Body”

What is Body Cleanse?

This is also called a juice cleanse, juice fast, or detox diet. It is a period where you take nothing but juice or water for one to three days. Sometimes it may involve oral supplements or raw vegetables.

This simple idea has numerous variations many of them being complicated than they need to be. The major idea is to put a break on food and increase fluid intake to get rid of all toxins.

Does It Work?

There has not been any scientific evidence to proof this however, it is evident that short periods of fasting increase weight loss including:

Increased insulin sensitivity
Improved cholesterol and glucose levels
Increased glucagon levels
Increased epinephrine and norepinephrine
Improved metabolism
Increased fat burning
Increased alertness

There are clearly some benefits of Detox or fasting period. Warnings are not an exception during this period too. You should drink a lot of water to avoid being dehydrated. Some detox diets recommend that you fast for all three days but it is not allowed to do it longer than 36 hours.

The risks of fasting increase after 36 hours, and the benefits decrease rapidly. You may experience side effects like headache and fatigue while fasting and if done for longer than 2 days, it may cause mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

HCG Potential Side Effects

Increased risk of blood clots
Depression Breast/ovarian tenderness or enlargement
Water retention Swelling Restlessness

Though there are some benefits of juice fast of Detox, you don’t have to do it for a successful HCG diet experience.

Many people have lost weight without doing the body cleanses process.

To obtain great results out of your HCG diet, just take the diet drops and be observant to the diet protocol as written by Dr. Simeons.

He discovered the use of Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin in the 1950s to treat obesity. Food availability has added over 80,000 various chemicals including genetically modifying grain and produce.

All this changes affect your daily healthy eating this day using a sixty year old program.

You should never purchase an unknown HCG product from the internet and stay on it. It is extremely dangerous. Learning how to eat healthy and maintaining the weight loss is very important for ultimate success.