How Does HCG Diet Work?

Substantial results are obtained using the HCG diet if followed faithfully and accurately. While on an HCG diet, dieters usually notice that they lose about 0.5 – 2lbs daily and sometimes from 30lbs up to 90lbs during the course of taking the diet.

Many people ask the question, “How does the HCG work?” This is one of the most frequently asked questions online due to the number of positive results that have been achieved with the diet.

HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone which is found naturally in pregnant women. Women secrete the HCG hormone during pregnancy to aid in the development of the fetus and also help to guarantee a successful pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby.

There are two primary functions of HCG:


#1. The first function is to develop the sexual organ of the fetus. Male and female fetuses need HCG to develop their sexual organs. Without this hormone, the human race will go into extinction and reproduction will not be possible.


#2. Another function of HCG is that it helps to make sure that there are enough calories and nutrients available during pregnancy for the mother and baby. This is done by stimulation the hypothalamus to secrete chemicals which release the stored fat in the body into the bloodstream to be burned and converted to energy.

While this process is ongoing, nutrients which are usually stored in fats are also released into the bloodstream, this helps to offer sustenance to the growing fetus and the mother.

Even when there is no pregnancy, HCG still stimulates the release of fat stored in the body into the bloodstream. This makes it necessary for persons on HCG diet.

Together with a limit of 500 calories a day, HCG will bring about a rapid loss of weight in the bodies of people who add it to their daily diet.

Having to eat 500 calories per day may seem like an onerous task, and it is for many individuals, but one you need to understand is that the 500 calorie portion will only last for a couple of weeks after which the daily calorie content is increased to the usual levels.

It is pertinent to note that this standard calorie level is not what you were consuming before the start of the HCG diet. If you feel like needing or wanting to lose weight, it then means that your caloric intake each day is too high, and this causes you to store the excess calories as fat.

To prevent the weight from growing again after completing an HCG diet plan, it is important that you go on eating a healthy and balanced diet.

Many criticisms about the ineffectiveness of the HCG diet are most times since some people make these mistakes all the time. As soon as they lose weight, they return to their former eating lifestyle they were used to, and they add the weight back on again.

Sometimes, it is because people fail to follow the HCG diet protocol correctly. If you do not meticulously stick to the list of approved meals and the limit of 500 calories a day, definitely the weight loss effectiveness of the HCG diet will be significantly hampered.