Side Effects of HCG Diet in Men

One of the most controversial issues surrounding the HCG diet is its side effects on men.

Even though this diet is fairly popular among women, it’s effectiveness among men remains a matter of serious debate.

This is because one of the most important components of the HCG diet is based around HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone which is naturally produced by pregnant women during the early stages of pregnancy.

So given the substance’s origins, it’s no surprise why a lot of people are concerned about possible HCG diet side effects in men.

Research data with regards to these synthetic hormones suggest that a single injection of HCG can result in an average weight loss of between 1 to 3 lbs daily when combined with a very low calorie diet of around 500 calories.

However, despite the fact that HCG is naturally found among women, it’s also important to remember that HCG is only one part of the issue.

The truth is that the HCG hormone used in HCG diets are not, in fact, derived from pregnant women, but are produced in laboratories.

Also, research data with regards to these synthetic hormones suggest that a single injection of HCG can result in an average weight loss of between 1 to 3 lbs daily when combined with a very low calorie diet of around 500 calories.

So despite some of its side effects, HCG can certainly deliver quality results.

Of course, all these benefits are irrelevant if they lead to certain health complications, especially among men.

So to clear up the issue regarding the side effects of HCG on the male body, it’s important to examine certain facts about the diet.

Important Facts to Remember About The HCG Diet

First of all, it’s important to remember that the HCG diet is not all about injecting hormones into your body. It also involves a carefully managed diet that doesn’t exceed 500 calories daily.

Furthermore, like most diets, the HCG diet involves a certain amount of physical activity, discipline and careful adherence to the diet’s overall procedures.

So don’t think that the HCG diet starts and ends with hormones. Other factors are involved as well.

Here are several other facts that people should know about the HCG diet:

– Although HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is produced most abundantly among pregnant women, it’s actually a naturally occurring hormone in every human being, both male and female, which means that it’s not as dangerous to men as some people think.

– HCG diets are meant to be administered by health professionals. There are no “Do-It-Yourself” kits involved.

– The HCG diet should only be implemented under the guidance of a licensed and qualified physician.

– The effectiveness of the HCG diet is designed to help people lose weight quickly.

– The side effects of the HCG diet are not exclusive to men. Some women have experienced them as well.

– The HCG diet has proven to be both safe and effective when implemented with the proper precautions.

What Are The Side Effects of the HCG Diet Among Men?

Now that we’ve discussed certain important facts about the HCG diet, it’s time to discuss the actual side effects themselves.

First of all, it’s important to point out that although the side effects of HCG can be found among men and women, these side effects also vary between both sexes.

Among women, the most common side effect of HCG is increased fertility. In this state, a women may experience an ectopic pregnancy or multiple child births.

This is due to the fact that the hormone stimulates the production of multiple ovum, which leads to these to these kinds of issues.

Also, women who undergo the HCG diet may experience symptoms which are generally associated with pregnancy, such as breast or hip enlargement as well as mood swings.

Among men however, the side effects of the HCG diet generally affect the prostate area, and causes them to become enlarged over time. In rare cases, a man may also experience the expansion of his breast area, probably due to an increased influx of estrogen and other female related hormones.

This is because introducing too much HCG into the male body can trigger the production of other hormones, causing a chain reaction that could trigger unpleasant side effects.

Needless to say, these kinds of side effects can be quite disturbing for most men. Fortunately, none of them are permanent, and will eventually disappear after the effects of HCG are gone.

Also, these symptoms can be avoided with proper medical attention, so remember not to attempt any HCG injections on your own. If you do experience such symptoms, however, be sure to inform your physician immediately to avoid further complications or problems.

How Can Men Avoid the Negative Side Effects of HCG?

The best way for men to avoid the more unpleasant side effects of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is to simply work with a qualified physician or health worker throughout the course of their diet.

This will allow the physician to monitor the effects of the diet on the man’s body, and determine whether such effects are normal or cause for concern.

Secondly, it’s also important to remember that the main goal of the HCG diet is to speed up weight loss, so any other side effects which are not in any way weight related should be considered suspicious.

So if you are experiencing such symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact your physician immediately.

Furthermore, because HCG is a hormone, it’s important that men who have experienced hormone related illnesses or problems in the past should check with their physician before attempting the diet.

Prior illnesses or conditions should also be considered as they may help trigger problems later on.

Provided these precautions are undertaken, it’s quite safe for men to try the HCG diet.

Despite the side effects which only affect a relatively small number of people, the effects of the HCG diet generally don’t vary between sexes, and the hormone really does speed up daily weight loss. So all things considered, men can try the HCG diet if they want to.