Water on The HCG Diet

Dr. A.T.W Simeons created the HCG diet as a treatment for obesity, rather than just a method of weight loss. In the human body, water plays an important role, and more so while on the HCG diet. So, why is taking water on the HCG diet important?

Drinking water improves digestion. It leads to the formation of a well balanced micro flora in the intestines and stomach. In addition, water assists in controlling appetite, and creating proper metabolism.

If a body does not have enough water, it often confuses the signals between hunger and thirst. For example, a dieter may feel hungry when, in the real sense, the body is thirsty. By keeping the body well hydrated, the urge to eat inappropriately, or eat snacks is alleviated.

Losing body fat as fast as possible is the main aim of taking HCG drops, and following the protocol created by Dr. Simeons will ensure that the large number of toxic substances contained in the body’s fat cells are released.

The liver has to process the toxins and flush them out of the body. If the body does not have enough water, the liver cannot function properly. Therefore, it is important for a dieter to drink enough water every day.

The Water

While following the HCG diet, drinking plenty of water is one of the important tasks that the dieter can undertake. You may urinate more, but the benefits are worthy.

The standard dietary advice usually recommends that one should not drink less than eight cups of water, in a day. However, a majority of people taking HCG drops require slightly more than that amount. To know the correct amount of water that you should drink, take your present weight in pounds and divide the number by two.

The new number should then be converted into ounces, and the result is the correct amount of water that you should drink. Taking that amount will make sure that the body has adequate fluids that can maintain good metabolic levels.

Furthermore, it will assist in flushing out toxins and make the dieter conquer their goal of losing fat, within a very short period.

Sometimes, the strict menu can make many HCG dieters bored with drinking and eating the same thing every day. However, it is important for dieters to note that water adds a variety to their diet, without sacrificing weight loss.

Dieters can know that they are not taking enough water if they wake up in the morning and they don’t urinate much, or if the color of their urine is fairly dark.

The tips are convincing that drinking plenty of water is essential towards successful weight loss. If you find that drinking water is not satisfying, or you find difficulty drinking it, you can try adding lemon.

Therefore, to manage your weight issues, and to maintain good health, you must drink plenty of water. A dieter can consider carrying a water bottle to their place of work, or any other place to ensure that they drink the required amount of water every day.