HCG Injections – Online Reviews to Purchase Best Diet Shots

HCG diet injections, sometimes referred to as HCG shots, are the medical form of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone. Medication with HCG injections is usually administered for fertility problems and weight loss together with HCG protocol.

The HCG diet dosage often used for the HCG weight loss injections is 200 IU per day, and it is applied subcutaneously according to doctor’s advice.

Naturally, HCG hormone is produced in the body of a woman during pregnancy. As is usually the case in medical science, the initial purpose of HCG is now being administered to other areas of human health.

In the last couple of years, this approach has made HCG very popular as a weight loss solution.

Formerly, HCG injections were mainly used in the treatment of fertility issues. There had been earlier studies on HCG and weight loss which dates back to a few decades which did not take off as a concept until individuals such as Dr Oz who began to promote these injections as a valid method of losing weight.

These injections are not only a means of losing weight but also keeping weight off. Men and women can administer these injections once a week, and it can be continued as a form of weight loss maintenance long after your weight loss goals have been accomplished.

Furthermore, there are diets which work side-by-side with the injections. They have low-calorie levels of below 500 calories.

Because the body requires more than that amount, you will have to apply a measure of caution with the combination of a very strict diet and injections.

As regards, the potency of HCG injections, you will be impressed by the results achieved by others. These are individuals from different spheres of life who have either taken the injections in the presence of a doctor or in the comfort of their homes.

The injections have worked tremendously for these individuals and will work for you as well.

The 2 Best Providers of HCG Injection


NuImageMedical is a company situated in Tampa, Florida which supplies only prescription HCG injections online.

Personally, I have had a huge success with HCG injections, although Nu Image claims that good results are achieved using the actual medical grade supplement prescribed by a medical professional who is certified.

On their website, they say that the only way to find real HCG is to consult with a licensed medical facility, and receive a prescription from a licensed physician.

That is to say that original HCG cannot be bought over the counter.

Two doctors from the company: Dr Connie Odom and Dr Larry Vickman have slightly modified the diet by adding supplements and increased the available calories from protein to take up the daily total allowance to 800 calories.

The following are their HCG programs:

  • Quick reference guide
  • E-book – The HCG Diet: The Easy Way
  • Licensed Medical Professionals at your disposal
  • Phone consultations & Reviews with Physician
  • All required Supplies & Syringes
  • Human chorionic gonadotropin from a Licensed Us Pharmacy
  • 101 chorionic gonadotropin Diet Recipies E-book
  • 7 days Support via Phone, E-mail & Live Chat

They have a 23-day program and also a 43-day program, and you can save $100 when you make your order online.

They have a website with many of the information which you need to reach a decision whether or not this is the best program for you.


ihcinjections is the best place to buy HCG injections. It is a top brand in the USA. They are one of the many pioneers in the supplies of HCG injections. Besides, they are less expensive, and they provide free delivery.

Only iHCG injections are available on the site. The sale of HCG weight loss products over the counter is prohibited. iHCG injections are available in the purest form.

Unlike homeopathic products which include lots of ingredients in its formulae, HCG hormone of iHCG injections come in its purest form. The purity makes the product very effective and powerful.

For every order of iHCG shots made, iHCG injections give away a free Vitamin B12 bottle.

Yet, another feature of iHCG injections is that they ship abroad. It is, in fact, the only company which provides HCG shots without asking for a prescription.

It is of great benefit to persons who reside outside the shores of the United States. No matter where you reside, iHCG injections will be delivered right at your doorstep.

You prying neighbors will not have a clue about your weight loss secret, with discreet shipping service.

Depending on the package, there are iHCG injection kits which can last for one month, 2 months, or up to 4 months.

Every iHCG injection kit contains dry HCG which is a dehydrated, sterilized form of HCG gotten from pregnant women, syringes and one bottle of bacteriostatic water for a month.

The powder form of HCG which is dehydrated is suitably mixed with an amount of bacteriostatic water and must be kept in a refrigerator.

When used for weight loss, HCG is injected into the body in a very concentrated form. It should not come as a surprise that there are possible side effects.

Bear in mind that the HCG injections negative effects are based on the dosage used for fertility treatments. The dosage used for HCG diet and weight loss is relatively small and may bring about little side effects.

The Most Common HCG Injection Side Effects

The side effects of HCG injections do not often require medical attention and they are usually cured during treatment. They include:

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Feeling sad or empty
  • Headache
  • Lack of appetite
  • Discouragement
  • Loss of interest or pleasure
  • Tiredness
  • Swelling(mild) or water retention
  • Irritability
  • Concentration troubles
  • Breast tenderness or swelling
  • Pain, irritation, or swelling at place of injection

In young boys, HCG can result in early puberty. Signs include increased sweating, pubic hair growth, deepened voice or increased acne.

These are the negative effects of HCG experienced when a high dose meant for fertility treatment is administered. For smaller dosages, the side effects of HCG injections may be less severe. There is also a difference in the side effects of HCG diet and HCG drops itself.