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Extend the capabilities of Tulip apps with prebuilt or custom widgets and connections to your existing systems and machines.

Plugin integration with Tulip

What are Plugins?

  • Widgets

    Widgets in Tulip are powerful components written in low-code that can be used in multiple apps to add functionality.

  • Connectors

    Connectors are integrations written in low-code that push and pull data to and from systems and databases.

Add powerful widgets built with low-code

Get started with pre-built graphical widgets that enable more solutions in apps or create your own in the custom widgets setting.

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  • Get started quickly

    Download free, out-of-the-box widgets to your account from the Tulip Library.

  • Low-code ready

    Edit existing widgets or create your own custom widgets.

  • Build your own

    Developers can take advantage of HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create powerful solutions.

Building your own custom widgets

  1. Start with the Library

    Download ready-made widgets for inspiration from the Tulip Library.

  2. Create your widgets

    Use HTML, CSS, and Javascript with common libraries to create your own widgets or customize pre-built ones.

  3. Enable Citizen Developers

    Share widgets across your enterprise organization for app builders to use.

Connect the systems that power your operations

Any Tulip user can build user-friendly apps that read and write data from systems and software that you already use in your operation.
  • Easy to use

    Configure and leverage a connector from the Tulip Library or write your own.

  • Extensible

    Connect Tulip to the systems you use.

  • Secure

    Best-in-class security keeps your data safe.

Ready-made integrations

Out-of-the-box connections to the tools you already use.

Digitally transform your operations with Tulip

See how low-code plugins enable agile and connected operations.

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