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Illustration of electronics manufacturing

Electronics Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacture high-quality electronics sustainably

  • Defect Detection & Tracking

    Quickly identify and log defects using computer vision and AI to improve quality control

  • End-to-End Traceability

    Digitize history records and leverage edge connectivity to easily track a product’s genealogy

  • Human-Centric Apps

    Automate tedious tasks and provide guidance to optimize operator performance

  • Agile App Editing

    Develop and iterate on solutions quickly with no-code

  • Minimize defects and electronic waste

    A competitive market drives prices down, meaning electronics have lower profit margins. In order to stay competitive, companies can leverage Tulip to eliminate defects to reduce the costs of wasted materials and resources.

  • Reduce training times by providing intuitive apps

    Electronics companies require technical expertise that is lost with employee turnover, leaving significant skill gaps unmet. Shorten training times and increase productivity with human-centric apps.

  • Accelerate new product introduction

    More so than in any other industry, electronics manufacturers must innovate rapidly, continuously ship new products, and be the first to market. With Tulip’s platform, future-proof your operations and keep up with the industry’s best practices by configuring apps with no coding experience.

Improve quality by quickly identifying root causes and eliminating future defects

Deploy a range of tools to gain control over your operations. You can focus improvement efforts to drive change by having a holistic view of what impacts your product's quality.
  • Computer Vision

    Leverage AI and augment operators with computer vision to detect anomalies

  • Real-time Dashboards

    Monitor KPIs to assess progress towards quality goals and inform impactful decisions

  • Create QMS Apps

    Manager third parties, CAPAs, and quality events from one place

Close skill gaps and improve operator performance with digital work instructions

Shorten training times, increase quality, and with work instruction apps that you can update and distribute remotely. Supporting your operators with media-rich instructions empowers them to produce more, high-quality products.

Gain visibility into your operations with a reliable genealogy and traceability system

Hardware and software integrations enable automatic data capture that feeds information to device history records. Easily reference a product’s genealogy to assess issues and provide documentation for traceability requirements.

Continuously Improve Operations

Slow data reporting and inconsistent time studies reduce the impact of lean manufacturing practices. Using Tulip’s library of configurable apps including Kanban and fishbone, you can collect and analyze data, and rapidlyly develop solutions for continuous improvement.

  • PFF Technician Assembling a Gita Robot

    Piaggio Fast Forward

    Moving the gita robot from prototype to a production system was challenging, but PFF accelerated training times and pushed out process improvements in real-time with Tulip’s agile platform.

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    Electronics Manufacturer

    See how this electronics manufacturer increased throughput, reduced quality issues, and improved production yield after digitizing their operations with Tulip.

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    Drive continuous improvement efforts with Tulip by automating data collection and standardizing procedures across your operations.

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Digitally transform your operations with Tulip

See how systems of apps enable agile and connected operations.

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