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Genealogy and Traceability Solutions

Trace every step from the source to final product.

Tracking your product from material to delivery is no problem with Tulip. With our ability to collect data directly from the edge and contextualize data in the cloud, you will have all the data you need to ensure quality, safety, and compliance.

Laerdal Medical Device
Assembly work instructions

Access all of your production data from one place.

From material movements and machine activities to operator interventions and quality inspections, leverage digital operator interfaces to capture a comprehensive record of all activities and changes. This provides a complete audit trail for compliance, quality assurance, and process optimization purposes.

Acccelerate root cause analysis with end-to-end traceability.

Review critical process data such as temperature, processing times, and equipment maintenance history to quickly investigate any quality issues.

Screen showing work instructions eDHR
  • Flexible interfaces

    Use any device to capture or review production data in real time.

  • Optimize workflows

    Track material movement to identify bottlenecks and address inefficiencies.

  • Ensure compliance

    Access audit trails with query functionality to demonstrate integrity and control.

How companies use Tulip

  • polishing luxury goods watch

    Luxury Jeweler Gains Production Visibility and End-to-End Traceability

    Learn how a luxury goods company used digital SOPs to conduct time studies to address inconsistent manufacturing practices.

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  • ArchForm

    Custom Medical Device Manufacturer Doubles Production Capacity with Tulip’s eDHR

    See how Tulip’s right the first time eDHRs helped a custom medical device manufacturer scale quickly and ensure compliance at every step.

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  • Boat trailer

    Magic Tilt Resolves Quality Issues with Tulip

    Read how Magic Tilt utilized traceable records to pinpoint the underlying causes of quality issues and enhance accountability.

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Gain end-to-end traceability with Tulip.

Learn how you can follow your product lineage using searchable and auditable digital records.

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