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Illustration of assembly line using Tulip

High-Mix Discrete Manufacturing

Assemble products correctly, efficiently, and with end-to-end traceability

  • Human-centric apps

    Reduce the mental burden with guided assembly workflows and automated data capture

  • Built-in computer vision

    Error-proof kitting and picking with easily adjustable vision detectors, use ML-powered defect detection

  • Edge connectivity

    Leverage edge connectivity to machines, devices, sensors to streamline tracking and quality inspections

  • System connections

    Sync with your existing systems including ERPs to load work orders and dynamically populate work inspections

  • High-mix assembly

    Keeping track of work orders, BOMs, and work instruction variations becomes increasingly difficult with every additional product or product variation. Tulip helps manufacturers make sure that the right BOM and work instructions are displayed at the right time, helping operators and reducing the risk of errors.

  • Production visibility

    With paper-based processes and high-mix products, building real-time production dashboards can feel impossible. Tulip’s no-code apps replace work order travelers, paper, and spreadsheets with easy, real-time data collection for full visibility into every step of your operation.

  • Quality inspections

    High-mix assembly processes are more prone to quality issues. With Tulip, you can embed quality inspection steps into operator workflows and streamline them with connected devices such as scales, calipers, and multimeters as well as ML-powered visual defect detection.

Error-proof assemblies and track products

Augment operators with detailed, media-rich work instructions that leverage devices and computer vision. Error-proof workflows, streamline data collection, and guide with pick-to-light systems.

woman looking at DMG Mori work instructions
  • Right information at the right time

    Build app workflows that display the work instructions for that step in text, images, GIFs, videos

  • Guided picking and kitting

    Leverage computer vision and light strips to guide operators to ensure they pick from the correct bins

  • Agility with no-code editing

    Update work instructions to improve the user experience or reflect process changes without writing any code

Move quality in-line with embedded inspection steps

Streamline inspection steps. Find and report defects faster in real-time with computer vision and human and process data.

Quality Inspection demo at Microsoft Partner Booth
Mack Dashboards

Understand and track the the right KPIs

Make informed decisions with real-time operations data. See cycle times and plan production scaling accordingly while tracking KPIs and collecting operator feedback.

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Digitally transform your operations with Tulip

See how systems of apps enable agile and connected operations

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