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Governance and Change Management

Rich admin functions help you easily deploy Tulip across your organization.

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Governance that makes sense for your team

Choose a flexible platform that can scale with your organization. Tulip is designed to enable you to manage users, apps, and stations to mirror your frontline operations.

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  • Efficient Approval Workflows

    Enable review and approval of only required aspects as defined by your business.

  • Change Transparency

    Access app versioning, changelogs, and more.

  • Share Best Practices

    Enforce standardization with app templates, custom widgets, and connectors.

Batch Processing App - Edit history - Version history - Quality Management - Audit trail compliance

App lifecycle management as flexible as you need

Enable developers to rapidly and safely iterate by building and testing apps in separate environments with Tulip. Match your internal practices and maintain compliance standards.

Screen showing approval types in Tulip

Set up approval workflows that make sense for your team

Our approval workflow capabilities allow you to carefully design the processes by which changes are introduced into your apps. Customize workflows to fit your organizational change management processes.

SBD - Digital Work Instruction - Intuitive Apps - Quality Management - operator looking at a screen

Secure access by assigning applications to stations

Tulip stations are like physical stations, however, the tools at these stations are applications. By managing which operators can use a station, you can ensure operators have the exact tools they need to be successful in their role.

  • SSO & LDAP

    Single Sign-on (SSO) and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) allow you to authenticate users in systems.

  • SAML

    Integrate Tulip with your existing SAML provider.

  • Stations

    Assign applications to stations to limit access.

  • Roles and Permissions

    Choose roles to control editing, viewing, and approval access.

  • Flexible App Lifecycle Management

    Develop and test applications in separate environments for a faster validation process.

  • User Management

    Set different permissions for each individual.

  • App Display Management

    Control which apps are shown what station.

  • 2 Software Release Cycles

    Tulip offers regular and long-term support (LTS) release cycles. LTS software releases serve our customers in regulated industries such as life sciences, food & beverage, and aerospace.

Digitally transform your operations with Tulip

See how systems of apps enable agile and connected operations.

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