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Product Roadmap

Let’s define the future of frontline operations together.

Come on a journey with Tulip as we build our Frontline Operations Platform, Tulip Library content, and ecosystem.

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Our Guiding Principles

  • Enterprise & GxP Initiatives

    To meet the needs of our larger customers, Tulip is working on new features for GxP regulations and best practices standardization, These include improvements to workspaces, change management, and content management.

  • Easier Integrations

    To make it easier to integrate Tulip with your existing stack and extend functionality, Tulip is working on new connectors and we’re continually adding new API endpoints.

  • Actionable Insights

    The team at Tulip is investing in technology for real-time actionable feedback. These projects include computer vision, AI/ML at the edge, and advanced analytics.

Projects in Progress

  • Automations

    Tulip is working on tools to help users build powerful automated workflows.

  • Advanced Content Versioning

    For better collaboration on larger teams, Tulip is working to extend versioning from apps to all Tulip content including connectors and tables.

  • Further Support of Industrial Protocols

    Tulip makes it easier to connect your proprietary equipment, general machinery, and systems together as a single cohesive ecosystem.

  • New Vision Capabilities

    Tulip is working on new computer vision detectors, vision data use, and ML model training.

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The Evergrowing Library

The team at Tulip is continuously building new app suites, app examples, templates, unit tests, connectors, and plugins. This content is based on best practices developed with first-hand experience and developed based on requests and observed trends. With plugins, users can create reusable, modular components that extend functionality and accelerate the process to building powerful applications.

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Help shape our roadmap

Customer-centricity is one of our product principles and we mean it. You can shape our roadmap by submitting suggestions on the Community. Additionally, the product team meets with our User Advisory Council every month to discuss the direction of the product.

Learn more about the latest projects

Interested in learning more?

Reach out to our product team to share your ideas and we'll work to incorporate your feedback in future product releases!

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