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Monitor your machines and equipment, fast

Machine Kit includes everything you need to connect any machine to the cloud with current sensors to integrate real-time utilization data into your operations.

A screenshot of a machine monitoring app with two sensors and an edge device in front of it
Hands holding a current sensor on a PLC cabinet

Connect any machine in 30 minutes or less

  1. Setup your device

    Unbox your Edge MC and connect it to Wifi or Ethernet.

  2. Connect the sensor

    Find the power source for your equipment and connect the current sensors.

  3. Download the app

    Start seeing production data in just a few clicks with the included Machine Monitoring app.

A screenshot of a machine monitoring app on a tablet

See utilization and production out-of-the-box

The included Machine Monitoring Terminal app is available from the Tulip Library. Select your Machine Kit and begin tracking key information about your equipment with an intuitive interface for machine operators.

DMG Mori operator using the Tulip interface

Master your production with Tulip

Monitor dozens of machines, processes, and systems at scale with Tulip’s robust platform, and start creating apps for every step of your operation. Connect networked equipment over OPC UA and MQTT. Combine data from your equipment with context from operators to go beyond OEE.

What’s in the box

  • Edge MC

    Low-cost, low-profile device that enables computing at the edge, accessible and wireless USB connectivity, and machine monitoring.

  • Current clamps

    Two current clamp sensors that attach to a power source and monitor the current draw of your equipment

  • Phidget VINT hub

    Included bridge for connecting the current sensors to Edge MC

  • Tulip Library app

    Out of the box machine utilization and production monitoring terminal app from the Tulip Library

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What types of machines can I connect?

    Any machine or equipment that uses electricity can be connected with a Machine Kit! That being said, we have documented the load limits for the included current clamp sensors.

  • How many machines can I connect with a single kit?

    We've included two current clamps in the box letting you connect to two pieces of equipment at a time, or any equipment that may have two power sources.

  • Do I have to use Machine Kit to monitor machines with Tulip?

    Nope! Tulip offers many machine connectivity options.

  • Do I need to have any coding experience?

    Nope! Tulip apps are no-code, and Machine Kit includes a ready built app. An understanding of your machines and process is essential, and we have plenty of resources to help you set up the kit, and configure it further with Node-RED.

Order your Machine Kit today

Start monitoring any equipment in your process today and see the value of Machine Monitoring with Tulip ⏤ no code necessary.

A screenshot of a machine monitoring app with sensors and an edge device and a cardboard box next to it