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Illustration of aerospace and defense manufacturing

Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing

On-time delivery of high-quality products with end-to-end traceability

  • Trackable and Traceable

    Centralize data collection with a single source of truth across your entire production process

  • Human-Centric Apps

    Guide operators through kitting, error-proof complex tasks, and automate data collection with connected devices

  • Built-in Analytics

    Gain powerful, real-time visibility into production and build dashboards customized for your operations

  • Enterprise-Ready

    Deploy advanced permissions and controls with tailored user roles and secure cloud services

  • Succeed in compliance and meet regulations

    In industries with regulatory practices and complex products, it can be difficult to track and maintain records on paper and spreadsheets throughout all aspects of production. Tulip apps ensure that critical requirements, specifications, and standards are in place to maintain records and deliver reliable products.

  • Increase agility in the face of uncertainty

    With supply chains influx, it is important to be able to adjust products and react to changes in your operation. Updating processes with no-code apps enables quick changeovers to keep production running smoothly. Know the status of engineer-to-order systems and use current information to stay up to date on non-conformances, and other KPIs.

  • Reduce skill gaps with digital work instructions

    As aging workforces turnover, skill gaps are left unmet with lengthy upskilling for new hires. Work instructions provide the correct information with visual indicators for new hires to onboard quickly.

Manage quality

Maintain high levels of quality and perform inline inspections with documentation and data collection at every step of the way. Use off-the-shelf cameras to capture snapshots for documentation, automate tracking, or inspect materials

Guide assembly and inspection

Error proof operations and accurately track defects in real-time with human and process data. Streamline inputs with connected devices.

woman looking at DMG Mori work instructions
  • Integrate with systems

    Connect to the systems you already use in production, including ERPs

  • Edge connectivity

    Connect to tools, devices, sensors, and camera for easy data capture and guidance

  • Agile app editting

    Update work instructions as product requirements change

Trace materials and products closely throughout production.

Create a combined source of truth across the systems you use and catch errors and defects with valuable products before they arrive downstream. Access a complete audit log of materials and digital signatures.

Understand your production status and track work in progress.

Drive impactful decisions with real-time operations data. See the status of your work orders, materials, and equipment in one place, and track KPIs while collecting feedback from operators.

Operator using a machine in a manufacturing facility

Case Study

Tulip apps helped an aerospace part manufacturing company reduce operating times by 75% in less than 3 months

With Tulip, a sinter metal company improved traceability through better data collection and optimized tooling lifetime and maintenance through better tool management.

Digitally transform your operations with Tulip

See how systems of apps enable agile and connected operations.

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