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Operator Training Solutions

Reduce the ramp-up time for operators

Whether you’re training a new employee or introducing a process, product, or tool, build a firm foundation for your team with intuitive and effective training apps.

PFF using Tulip app

Reduce operator training times and costs

Administer and track operator skill level with interactive feedback. Monitor completion, generate certifications, standardize new employee training, and track skill gaps.

DMG Mori Work Instruction app in German

Build an interactive guidance system

Combine Tulip’s edge connectivity and computer vision for powerful data collection built into training apps. Monitor your training programs to ensure the right skills are being taught to the right people.
  • Save time

    Speed up ramp-up processes with standardized apps.

  • Save resources

    Eliminate the need to dedicate full-time resources to training.

  • Improve productivity

    Better training means better work.

Case studies

  • life sciences

    New regulations increase pressure for change

    Multinational life sciences corporation implements eLogbooks across 15 sites in under 3 months with Tulip.

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  • DMG

    DMG MORI digitizes their spindle assembly line

    See how DMG Mori utilizes Tulip to guide operators through each step of the assembly.

    Read the Case Study

Digitize operator workflows with Tulip

See how Tulip can help guide workers through their daily workflows and reduce your operator training times by up to 75%.

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