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Piaggio Fast Forward product assembly

Digital Workflow Solution Built on Tulip

Streamline workflows for frontline workers and help them focus on the task at hand. Implement dynamic, media-rich, and multilingual interfaces integrated with connections to physical devices and systems.

  • Human-centric interfaces

    User-friendly apps designed to augment and guide end users with integrated workflows

  • Connected at the edge

    Collect data from machines, devices, and sensors at every step of your operation

  • Powerful integrations

    Read and write data from the systems and software you already use

  • Extensible and flexible

    Scale with modern cloud-native architecture and no-code/low-code capabilities

Why augmented workers? Why now?

By augmenting workers, companies are solving the challenges that have plagued operations for decades. Using technology to simplify workflows helps with:

DMG Mori spindle assembly line
  • Manual data entry

    Paper and spreadsheets can slow down frontline operators, leading them to skip data entry and leaving engineers with incomplete data.

  • Error-prone steps

    Any error in an industrial setting can be critical and error-proofing measures are needed to prevent issues like quality defects and equipment failure.

  • Knowledge loss

    With employee turnover and retiring experts, those who hold all of the knowledge are leaving with it and new operators don't have the training they need.

DMG Mori Work Instructions

What does a Connected Workflow look like?

Integrate digital work instructions with devices and sensors that are connected at the edge to make data collection an intuitive step in your process.

Scaling a Digital Workflow Solution in Tulip

  1. Establish best practices

    Build a solution with app logic and shared data structure, and iterate on templates to standardize across your operation.

  2. Connect devices

    Connect devices, machines, and sensors with edge devices to automatically collect data to augment operator inputs.

  3. Add computer vision

    Guide operators through workflows and automatically collect data with intuitive computer vision and ML/AI.

Composable apps connected to your operation: Tulip allows you to implement multilingual frontline apps to guide operators and standardized data capture with powerful dynamic integrations, intuitive media-rich displays, and out of the box connected device support. Download pre-built apps from the Tulip Library and configure them to your operations.

Interfaces where you need them.

Tulip apps can be used across your operation, on mobile devices, computers, edge devices, machines, and wearables.
  • Mobile Devices

    Android tablets and devices, Windows tablets, and Safari for iOS devices.

  • Computers

    Windows, MacOS, web browsers, and Edge IO with an external monitor.

  • Wearables

    Run Tulip apps on Android and Windows wearable headsets for hands free apps.

How Companies Use Tulip


    Piaggio Fast Forward

    See how the team at PFF is developing work instructions for the processes and systems they need to deliver quality robots to meet increasing demands from consumers.

    Watch now


    Read about how Laerdal Medical error-proofs medical kit assembly lines by using computer vision to ensure parts are complete before reaching customer sites.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a connected worker?

    The connected worker is any worker integrated into their environment by connective technologies.

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  • Can I use Tulip with my own devices?

    Tulip’s no-code and low-code capabilities make it easy to get started with our existing supported devices, or create your own custom drivers with Node-RED.

  • How do I connect devices and sensors to Tulip?

    Tulip’s native edge connectivity and edge devices are easy to get started with. Order a Factory Kit to begin exploring with sensors and devices in the platform.

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  • How do I get started with connected worker apps?

    The Tulip Library provides ready-to-go apps and templates that can be configured with dynamic media and connected device triggers to meet your needs.

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  • How does Tulip support permissions and controls?

    With granular permissions and workspaces, central teams can control 3rd-party integration, data structures and formatting, and more while giving local teams the autonomy they need.

Get started building a connected work solution in Tulip

Request a demo to learn more about what Tulip can do to transform your workflows and empower your operators.

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