HCG Drops Success – Lose 30-40 Lbs in Next 40 Days

When the term HCG is mentioned, people erroneously think about the injection. HCG is useful as a non-invasive and painless form of treatment. Again, people think of “bogus” when they hear the term HCG drops. The drops and the injection both contain the HCG hormone which helps in burning a lot of fat.

However the diet drops have now gained solid ground for the following reasons:

  • Natural
  • Non-invasive
  • User-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Painless
  • Cheaper than injections
  • Side-effect free
  • High success rate

HCG Drops : Best Brands Recommendation

When you have come to a decision to lose weight using HCG diet, the first question that will come to your mind is ‘which drops will be effective’?

The finest HCG drops which will work should be chosen based on its effectiveness in reducing weight, user satisfaction, cost, its availability without being out of stock all through the year and the re-order rate.

Having these factors in mind, the top three labels which sell the most are HCG Triumph, HCG Complex, and The Official HCG Diet Plan. You will have to read a detailed review to know more about these products.

  • Rating (5/5) 
  • Success Rate
  • Speed of Results
  • Support
  • Reversal Rate : 0.5%
  • $69.95 / 2 bottles
  • Rating (4/5) 
  • Success Rate
  • Speed of Results
  • Support
  • Reversal Rate : 1%
  • $71.95 / bottle
  • Rating (4/5) 
  • Success Rate
  • Speed of Results
  • Support
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  • Reversal Rate : 2.75%
  • $59 / bottle


How Did I Do On The HCG Diet?

Across three rounds I shed nearly 160 lbs of life-threatening fat, slashed my body fat from 29.3+% to 9.5%, and narrowed my waist from 54 inches to 34 inches.

More importantly, I was no longer pre-diabetic and no longer in danger of having to go on a medley of prescription drugs to MANAGE, not fix my obesity.

My HCG Diet Drops Journey fixed all of that and gave me my life back. And if I can do it, so can you!

Then, because everyone was demanding “How in the world did you lose all of that?!” I started to think I was onto something here. And then as time passed and I KEPT it all off — THAT REALLY got everyone’s attention!

As you know, anyone can lose weight on any diet, but losing weight is easy. Any decent diet can help you do that. It’s KEEPING the weight off that is the tricky part. That is if you’re doing other programs.

The unique thing about the HCG Diet, when it is done correctly is that not only can you shed 30-40 lbs. in just over 40 days, it also resets your metabolism back to being a fat-burning machine.

And Here’s The Most Important Part — For You!

I went on 3 and only 3 rounds of the diet, all within a year and half — and I never did another round, nor any other diet after that.

HCG Diet = Ultimate Metabolism Do-Over!

I am off the dieting hamster-wheel forever, and that’s when you pick the right drops and implement the eating plan correctly!

Where to buy the original HCG drops?

Without any prescription, the homeopathic drops can be purchased online, while a legit prescription from a physician is required for order placement of the non-homeopathic drops. The good news is that there are companies which have in-house doctors who will check your condition and suggest to you the right dosage of weight loss drops according to your weight.

The best choice is for you to make your order online instead of patronizing pharmacy stores whenever you want to buy homeopathic or non-homeopathic one. There are lots of licensed HCG dealers, and drug manufacturers who can easily supply you with the hormone droplets and they will be safely shipped to your home.

The discount and coupon that comes with the purchase is another benefit that goes with buying HCG drops online. Choose a company which possesses HCG sale license and a good manufacturing practice certification.

The Benefits That You Can Get 

These are some numerous benefits you will derive from the hCG program.

Its approach to the needs of each individual is another excellent feature of hCG therapy. Unlike conventional medicine these days, it does not apply a fixed approach in solving the problem of every person.

Doctors and clinics using HCG (or even the manufacture itself) will assess your weight loss goals and other elements to ascertain an approach and your best dose which will help achieve your weight loss goals.

Although the drops can be used on a large group of persons who desire to lose weight, there are particular types of drops that will be more effective for your unique and personal needs and weight loss goals. A few factors which you will have to take into consideration will determine what type of drop would be suitable for you.

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin drops are natural hormonal supplements which play a major role in weight loss. The drops are the synthesized form of the hCG hormone which is naturally produced in the body of women during the early stages of pregnancy.

It aids in the loss of weight by burning off excess fat deposited in the body parts such as arms, thighs, and waist; this informed the name HCG Weight Loss.

When the drops are combined with a 500, 800, and 1200 calorie diet, it is called HCG drops diet. This diet plan makes sure that a good amount of fat is burned daily, resulting in a significant amount of weight loss of about 1-2 lbs every day.

HCG drops offer a cost-effective and safe way to lose weight without body weakness, hunger, or loss of lean muscles.

How HCG Drops Work

HCG begin to function as soon as they are absorbed into the bloodstream. HCG causes the leptin hormone to transmit series of signals to the part of the brain called hypothalamus.

Leptin is formed in the fat cells and its plays the role of a manager which ensures that deposits of fat are burned. Some signals relayed by leptin include asking the brain to stop eating; there is enough store of fat to be used as fuel.

Excessive eating will store again what cannot be burned. The fats which are currently being stored are then calculated by leptin which informs the brain about what quantity is available to be discarded. The additional metabolic boosters and lip-tropics offer other benefits which are necessary to improve weight loss.

They protect muscle tissues from deteriorating, offer mental focus and clarity, provide nutrition for the body, and encourage the right functions of the organs which are included in the process of metabolism of fat. Every ingredient has its own place and its own job.

>> Read more about how HCG diet works

Do not be in a hurry to swallow the HCG, even though it can be tempting. Both the prescription and the homeopathic types are sublingual HCG as they are taken through the mouth. They are to be applied under the tongue and be absorbed through the veins and tissues into the blood so that you will receive all of its benefits.

If it is swallowed, it will be digested and broken down by enzymes and stomach acids which will make it ineffective and it will be wasted.

Side Effects of HCG Drops

Pure HCG oral drops are gentle and very safe to use. In spite of the popular misconceptions about the use of HCG, it is actually free from side effects. If at all there is any form of side effect, it will either be due to overuse of the hormone, or the wrong implementation of diet protocols.

Because the diet is an unusual change for the body to become accustomed to, symptoms may include dizziness, headaches, mild diarrhea, light-headedness, food cravings and mild nausea.

These are sometimes common but do not last more than seven (7) days. If you experience these symptoms which may be uncomfortable, your body is undergoing a cleansing of adipose fat and toxins which will in turn give rise to loss of weight. After these initial symptoms subside, you will begin to enjoy the fat burning benefits which the oral HCG brings.

Further Reviews of The 3 Best HCG Drops


HCG Complex is a product made by the US-based nutraceutical company as a weight loss supplement. It contains a blend of natural ingredients which are widely used in the weight loss industry. This drops brand produces profound weight loss results by mobilizing the abnormal fat in the body which are deposited in areas such the thighs, hips, waist, and upper arm.

Generally, HCG is considered to be a safe weight loss supplement which has no side effects. The diet plan is quite flexible and straightforward without many restrictions, and it can be taken slowly. Credible results have been achieved using the HCG supplement for weight loss.

HCG complex is, however, applicable to people with severe weight problems. It might not be suitable for individuals who want to burn off a few pounds of fat. It is therefore recommended that you seek the advice of your doctor before you embark on using HCG Complex.

Many users of HCG Complex have recorded an incredible weight loss of 1 pound each day by following the diet plan and using the supplement. It is advisable to use other weight loss alternatives and quit using HCG for individuals who experience any form of side effects.


HCG Triumph eliminates all the fat deposited in the body by exploiting an escape route in the hormones of the endocrine system. HCG triumph will make sure that there are no side effects and also effectively eliminate the excess calories.

The weight loss procedure of HCG Triumph involves using a special diet which permits the intake of 500 calories in a day while focusing on every nutrient excluding carbohydrates. HCG will ensure that a fetus gets nutrients and extracts all the carbohydrates which have been stored as fat.

The benefits of using HCG diet will be evident in your mindset and your health. It will help you in the following ways:

• Look great and lose weight safely
• Suppressing cravings while burning fats naturally
• Boost your confidence and acquire more self-control
• Adopt a healthy lifestyle and food habits forever.
• See daily results and prevent the demerits of obesity.

All of these will be achievable if you strictly adhere to the direction which will ensure that you will not experience any side effects.


The official HCG diet plan product is one of the most popular weight loss programs. It is designed particularly for busy people who cannot make out time to do work out on a daily basis but are nevertheless determined to lose weight.

Some users experience rapid weight loss after using the official HCG diet plan, but there is no promise of weight loss for everybody. If you are on a diet which contains very low calorie, do so under the supervision and care of a qualified physician.

Again, there is no proof that this product provides weight loss in an amount which is more than what can be obtained with restrictions on calorie intake.

Persons who continue with a diet which has little calories will be faced with the risks of side effects which include heart arrhythmias, gallstone formation, and electrolyte imbalance.